FAN TATTOO GALLERY Some real tattoos from our fans.  Our symbols resonate deeply with people around the world and over four dozen fans have made our symbols int tattoos.  A butterfly made of the numbers 813, which means "I love you"...letters, 3 words, 1 meaning. The 1 is in the middle because love is the center of everything®.  We formed the numbers into a butterfly that signifies you're becoming the change you'd like to see in the world, because love can be transforming. It feels great to have fans who love our message and designs so much that they’ve gotten them tattooed on legs, ankles, necks, backs, shoulders and even behind the ear. Here you can see the shared photos of fan tattoos incorporating our logo and designs.  

Our designs are trademarked, copyrighted, guarded by karma and protected by divine right.  That said, we hope they inspire you.  All we ask is that should you commit them to ink on your body, please remember the meaning behind our beautiful symbols and do your best to live the message by spreading love and kindness and watching out for those less fortunate in life.  

Oh....and please send us a photo to add to our gallery! 


Love Lights Tattoo'OMs
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Lasts 4-6 days with gentle care. Apply with water (directions included) remove with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. For adult use. Do not apply near eyes, on sensitive or broken skin, or if you have allergies to any adhesive materials.  Model:  Ana Jerez

One Meaning Love Light Tattoo'OMs - Metallic Tattoos

Let your love light shine with our meaningful flash. Beautiful and ethereal temporary metallic tattoos to grace your body however you'd like, wherever you'd like (avoid eye areas please). After three years of research we finally get to bring these beautiful adornments to you!  

Each package contains 2 sheets (3"x8" each) of meaningful gold and silver metallic tattoos: Bands and Medallions. Bands are lacy patterns and words ("Love is the Center of Everything" and "Be Love") great for bracelets, anklets, armbands, or a love line down your back. Medallions are a collection of some of our most popular designs with tiny One Meaning "I Love You" Butterflies throughout. So pretty! Share your photos with us so we can be inspired by you. Wear Something with Meaning.® 

Tatoo'OMs Temp Tatts
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Feel like trying on a tatt before going for the real thing? OM’s funky little temporary tattoos with our Butterflies and Barcode and secret code for “I love you”...See the code?  813 means “I love you”...8 letters 3 words, 1 meaning.  The 1 is in the middle because love is the center of everything.  

Comes in a pack of 12 tattoos, 4 of each design: OM Butterfly in rainbow and shaded grey, and our One Meaning Barcode in black.   Lasts for several days with gentle washing and comes with instructions.