LOVE IS MY RELIGION COLLECTION - ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL  Inspired by the windows and architectural shapes in global places of worship, we touch on the unique beauty in each religion and the universal similarities shared by all...this is our St. Patrick's Cathedral collection. Please scroll down for Necklace and Earrings options in precious metals and acrylic. 

St. Patrick's Necklace
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Choose Sterling Silver or Yellow or White Gold.   The pendant is 1.5” in diameter and comes on a matching 18” inch chain.  Matching earrings available below.   

ST. PATRICK'S NECKLACE in Precious Metals

From our Love is My Religion collection, in tribute to Christianity and the beautiful work of Charles Connick, we’ve captured the rose window of America’s most splendid cathedral, St. Patrick's, a crowning jewel of New York. If you look closely you can see so many beautiful images in its design:   angels, doves, hearts, stars, flowers, and our meaningful butterfly in its core, symbolizing that regardless of your religion, love is the great connector. Made to order in NYC.  Ships in 5 days.  

ST. PATRICK'S EARRINGS in Precious Metals

Choose Sterling Silver or Yellow or White Gold.   Earrings are 1.5” in diameter  on gold-filled or silver wires.  Matching necklace available above.  

Made to order in NYC.  Ships in 5 days.  


Statement pieces in high-grade acrylic.  The pearlized white  positively glows and the super shiny black is cool and chic.  I 

These are 2.5” in diameter, and come on an open-ended black cord in 30” so you can self tie to any length you want!  Made with love in the USA.