Our Story

 Ingrid and Karen of One Meaning

Ingrid and Karen of One Meaning

One Meaning was started by Karen Chesleigh and Ingrid Hobbs, who still believe in magic and that anything is possible. Based in NYC, where the jewelry and gifts are made with love using the highest quality products. One Meaning's core message is simple:  love is the center of everything; it connects us all.  Here's a short version of our story...

MEETING  Almost a decade ago, we met as business colleagues began working closely together on creative projects at work, quickly discovering a true synergy in our collective creativity. It became apparent that we shared an intense love for creating magical, meaningful things and watching out for those who need help. We were meant to be connected.

CONNECTING  Late one night while working on a project together, we began to share stories about our pasts, shared philosophies, challenges, heartbreaks and triumphs.  Toward the end of the late night, Karen mentioned an urban dictionary code that she and her mom used with one another:  "831 means 'I love you'...8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning."  A long time fan of codes and puzzles, Ingrid immediately fell in love with it.  Several months later, even after Ingrid left the large company we had both worked for, we began discussing doing something special with the code and decided that if that should happen, we would be philanthropically driven and give our support to causes and foundations.    

MAGIC  As our friendship continued to grow, we began to experience startling coincidences with the special numbers, 831, that deepened our connection and belief in divine intervention in profound ways. At one point, the incredible coincidences, which we began to call “winks” became so frequent and obvious that it was impossible to ignore. Once, while on the phone with Ingrid, Karen caught her breath and started to laugh, “You’re not going to believe this, but I’m standing here in front of the Nike store on 57th and there’s a huge sign taking over the entire window that says ‘8-31 Just Do It!"  Ingrid replied, "Um...I think that’s for us!  If we don't take this as a sign to do something wonderful, then we're not listening!"  Yes, we knew it was an ad campaign launching on August 31, but to us, it was more than a sign; it was a SIGN, further confirmation that we were on the right path.

THE BIRTH OF A BUTTERFLY  One Meaning came into sharp focus when we spent time with one another to create a symbol incorporating the 831 code for use in apparel and jewelry. That synergy that we'd always shared with one another kicked in, and after intense creative sessions in our favorite coffee shop, we discovered that by putting the 1 in the middle, 813 formed the shape of a butterfly – the symbol of transformation, love, and the soul.  The full phrase came easily: 813 means “I love you”...8 letters 3 words, 1 meaning.  The 1 is in the middle because love is the center of everything.®   We quickly trademarked the symbol and slogan, and embarked upon our journey to learn the jewelry and gift business.  It was important to us to manufacture our designs here in the US, and we were lucky to find a studio of experienced casters and mold makers in Manhattan who helped us bring our designs to life in silver, gold and other materials with attention to detail and expert input.  We've since extended our line into apparel, cards, stickers, candles, and gifts. 

GIVING  From its inception, Ingrid and Karen were determined to create a philanthropic company, and One Meaning has since partnered with hundreds of foundations and charities to lend support.  As a company based on love, we feel that’s important to do. We shine a light on different charities and support them through love, attention, and a donation of pieces from our collection to use in their fundraising campaigns.  Over the years, we've featured many charities on our site, and regularly donated a portion of sales to them.  We're acting as the change we'd like to see in the world. We also created our own anti-bullying initiative called Stick up for Love! which provides fundraising opportunities and inspirational stickers to kids in schools across the country and has expanded to address all forms of bullying in social media, the workplace, and real life. 

All of One Meaning’s symbols represent love. All products are carefully crafted in Manhattan and responsibly, beautifully packaged. Thank you for your support of our meaningful, magical company.  We will be forever grateful to the gifts from our special angels. 813 to 5, 9, and 11...you know who you are.  Wear Something with Meaning.®