Our Collection of Bracelets that mean "I Love You" with One Meaning Butterfly and Dragonfly Barcode. 813 Means “I love you”...8 Letters, 3 Words, 1 Meaning.  The 1 is in the middle because love is the center of everything.®  We formed the numbers 8-1-3 into a butterfly to signify you're becoming the change you'd like to see in the world.  Love can transforms us.   

"I Love You" Leather Wraps
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The leather wrap winds approximately 5 times around the average wrist.  In Silver or Yellow or White Gold. Additional leather wraps sold separately below.   


Our messengers of love have landed on your wrist in our beautiful wrap bracelets. The 813 Butterfly Slide- Attaches to our Leather Wrap Bracelet.  Slide is 1/2 inch (about the size of a nickel).  The leather wrap winds approximately 5 times around the wrist. Made with love in the USA.    


The latest addition to our Leather Wrap collection.  The Love Squared design consists of our meaningful I Love You Butterfly encircled for extra emphasis that “love is all around.”  Then we take it up in power and add a square.  It's gorgeous and meaningful!  And just like our classic "I Love You" Butterfly Slide wrap, these slides are interchangeable with our leather wraps, so you can mix and match with the collection you already own. Our messengers of love have landed on your wrist in our beautiful wrap bracelets. 

The Love Squared Slide is 1/2 inch (about the size of a nickel) and comes in yellow Brass or Sterling Silver. 

Wear Something with Meaning®. I Love You Jewelry by One Meaning. 

Additional Leather Wraps

Sold separately, adding another color increases your options for your "I Love You" wrap bracelet.  Available in Dark Brown, Black, Deep Red, Metallic Grey, and Pearl White.   Choose Sterling Silver or Yellow Brass Buckle.  

Dragonfly Barcode Wrap
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Great for men and women.  We're proud that Anderson Cooper has one in Blackened Brown.  813 Anderson!

One Meaning Dragonfly Barcode Bracelet

We call it a dragonfly because of its slender body and code of love.  Do you see it?  813 stands for 8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning.   The 1 is in the middle because love is the center of everything. 

The dragonfly is a light-bearer as well as the symbol of power and presence that is associated with light and love.  Dragonflies remind us that we, too, are "light-bearers" and silently encourage us to let our own light shine through.  our classic braided leather bracelet in a current leather wrap version.  The high-grade leather wraps around a typical wrist 3 times and makes a statement.  It evokes the rocker, poet, artist, survivor, fighter version of you.  With magnetic steel clasp.

Note:  this is not a slide and isn't interchangeable with our Butterfly slide.  

Mandala Cuff
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Choose from highly polished Yellow Brass or White Bronze.  This is a substantial cuff and can be gently adjusted to your arm by opening or squeezing once on.   

Made in New York. 


From our Love Is My Religion Collection, inspired by the windows and architectural shapes in global places of worship, we touch on the unique beauty of each religion and the universal similarities shared by all.

In tribute to Hinduism and Buddhism, we offer our beautiful mandala to aid you in meditation. Loosely translated to mean "circle," a mandala is far more than a simple shape. It is a spiritual symbol representing the universe.

Mandalas are tools for meditation and used for gaining wisdom and compassion. Generally depicted as a tightly balanced, geometric composition that is personally meaningful to the one gazing upon it, the mandala serves as a guide to individuals along the path to enlightenment.  Its purpose is to help transform ordinary minds into enlightened ones. Our Mandala is ultra feminine and houses our meaningful I LOVE YOU BUTTERFLY in its core, symbolizing that regardless of your religion, love connects us all.  Proudly made in NYC.