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One Meaning’s Fireflies illuminate the wrist and neck as a chic bracelet or necklace - they're versatile!  Hand-beaded of twinkling crystals on flexible wire, each strand brings colors together to attract light in a shimmery play and is finished with our classic sterling silver charm that means “I love you." 

These versatile pieces wrap around the wrist approximately 5 times to make a sparkling bracelet, or wear around your neck as a stunning  35” necklace with a sterling silver "I love you" firefly charm. Please note: these do not stretch, they're made to last, on very flexible wire.



In nature, the firefly comes alive at night for the sole purpose of attracting a mate with its luminescence. But the symbolic message that these tiny creatures give us while their light is off may be the most profound. An ordinary creature during the day, the firefly becomes a magical sight when it glows at dusk. We take this to mean that although our physical appearance may seem one way, it is our light inside, our spirit, that makes us shine. It illuminates us and those around us. Let your light shine.

Choose your color palate:

Warm GoldsAurora Gold, Shimmering Pewter, Deep Gold, Sea Glass Green, Sparkling Black.

Cool BluesAurora Violet, Sparkling Indigo, Aurora Silver, French Blue, Shimmering Pewter.