Love Beads have been popular since the 60's and signify peace and love. They were typically given away to someone you connected with to promote a sense of unity. One Meaning Love Beads are simultaneously retro and modern, something we call hippie chic. These pretty beaded pieces are handmade exclusively for us in NYC using glass beads.  All come with a little One Meaning Butterfly charm, our butterfly made of 813, which means “I love you”...8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning. The 1 is in the middle because love is the center of everything.®  Enjoy your beautiful Love Beads on their own, or layer them with other pieces from our meaningful collection to make your own personal style shine through.   Available in several versions - scroll down to view. Peace.

Love Beads - Starry Starry Wrap
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LOVE BEADS - Starry Starry Wrap

Look up and take a moment to appreciate the night sky or the promise behind the clouds. Our Sky View bracelets are in an elegant and sophisticated pattern and beautifully made.  One Meaning Love Beads are handmade for us using shimmering glass beads. Comes with a Sterling Silver plated charm (cool) tones or Gold plated (warm) tones of our meaningful 813 Butterfly that means I love you.  All are adjustable.

Starry Starry Night - Plum and blush with a mix of irridescent  beads that twinkle like stars.

Silver Lining Gray - Feather Grey and blush with a mix of rose gold and silver graphite irridescence. 



Love Beads
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luxurious and meaningful. Our Love Beads are handmade exclusively for us in NYC using gorgeous glass beads with a distinctive shimmer and a pattern that is reminiscent of a rich ribbon.  Available in tones of beige, cream, blush, blue, black and gold. Each bracelet comes with a brass gold plated clasp and One Meaning 813 Butterfly charm. All are adjustable.   

If you love One Meaning Love Beads, you might be a Hippie or well on your way to becoming one. Congratulations! Need some inspiration to make your transition? Here's a "How to be a Hippie" checklist.