ONE MEANING CONSTELLATION CUFF LINKS - The stars have aligned in a celestial 813 pattern for you and your loved one with a secret meaning:  8 stars on the left signify 8  letters in the phrase “I love you.”  The 3 on the right are for the 3 words in that same phrase.  And the 1 in the middle is for its one eternal meaning that love is the center of everything.®  

OM Constellation Cufflinks
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Very unique and couture.  These stunning cufflinks are 1/2" square in Sterling Silver with a high satin finish (brushed). Small stones are high-grade bright non-color cubic zircon. The closure is a fixed, classic shank. 

Made to order in our NYC studio, so please allow 8 -10 days for delivery. Slight variations will take place, as with any item made by hand.