This Weekend we're giving 50% of all sales to help a hero named Abdul Hameed Afzali.

We saw Mr. Hameed's story on CBS news and he and his family are in a desperate situation and about to get evicted.  We'd like to help.

We reached out to Matt Zeller, a combat veteran and community activist who works hard with No One Left Behind to help interpreters who've loyally worked with our soldiers find their way in this country.  
These hero interpreters can't go back, because they and their families would face certain death by the Taliban. In fact, Matt Zeller fought hard to get the interpreter who saved his life to be able to stay in the US.  

Please take a moment to watch Abdul's Story  - let's thank him for his service!  And we thank YOU for coming from a place of love! We all act as the change we wish to see in the world. It starts with us.

If you'd like to donate directly, here's a page set up for him: - all donations go directly to Mr. Hameed and his family.