One Meaning Ink / by One Meaning

We love our One Meaning butterfly logo.  It's a curvy little hour-glass of a symbol that stands for love! Apparently many others love our symbol too.  So much so that they have permanently tattooed it on their bodies.  We're humbled by this.  It feels great to have fans who love our message and designs and had them tattooed on legs, ankles, necks, backs, shoulders and even behind the ear. 

To date, we have counted about 50 One Meaning logo tattoos that we know of. Please keep in mind that our designs are trademarked, copyrighted, guarded by karma and protected by divine right. That said, we hope they inspire you. All we ask is that should you commit them to ink on your body, please remember the meaning behind our beautiful symbols and do your best to live the message by spreading love and kindness and watching out for those less fortunate in life. Oh, and please send us a photo!  We're trying to establish the Guinness World Record!

Love, Karen and Ingrid