Pets Alive - Our Holiday Season's Cause / by One Meaning

Mater, possibly the cutest dog in the world.


HOLIDAY SEASON CAUSE:  PETS ALIVE  -  Over the holiday season, One Meaning brought attention to the Pets Alive sanctuary, one of the oldest no-kill organizations in the United States. The mission of the sanctuary is to rescue, rehabilitate, and place animals into loving homes. Last year, Pets Alive saved more than three thousand, five hundred animals. Throughout the month, we donated 10% of all sales to Pets Alive, as well as highlighted Double Donation Days on our Facebook page to help this organization. We will also be donating pieces from our collection to further aid in fundraising efforts.  We hope you take a moment to learn about this very important charity.

More than 5 million animals a year are killed in shelters in the United States; however, every year this number decreases, as the no-kill movement is rapidly growing across the country and being adopted in many places across America. Pets Alive is a leader in this movement, and shelters all over the country are reaching out to Pets Alive to help them become no kill. Pets Alive teaches proven methods for increasing adoptions, how to implement successful education programs for the public, and how to develop successful low cost spay/neuter programs.  They can also help shelters by taking in their overflow of animals so they do not have to resort to killing. It is truly a domino effect that is helping to create a no-kill nation, because YOU care enough to help.

Pets Alive is recognized within the local community, nationwide, and around the world as a leader in developing alliances to end the killing of adoptable animals and promoting the humane treatment of animals.  One Meaning is proud to join forces with compassionate, loving people who support Pets Alive.  Thank you for your support!  To learn more about Pets Alive, visit: